Create A Successful Inhouse Marketing Series For A Global Audience On A Shoe-String

I am intrigued when I discovered that Rowan Atkinson, of the Mr Bean fame, shot a few tele-movies of the famed French detective Inspector Maigret. Many have read the entire detective series, written by Belgian Simenon in the French language but are still willing to watch the series being re-interpreted by a new generation of actors.

This shows that there is always a captive audience when it comes to a great mystery-plot and the large audience is spellbound for about an hour trying to discover the identity of the culprit. There is a mad mental rush to analyse and guess right before the truth is revealed at the end of movie.

So what has changed throughout the decades?

You got it. It is the platform and manner in how the show is being viewed.

In the past, the audience can watch the show in the theatres or television. There is literally no room for a collective discussion. It would be deemed as rude and disruptive.

However in this current time, the movie can be watched on a computer or a mobile device and commentary can be posted instantaneously to discuss about the show even during and after it has been aired. This is a huge precious trove of feedback and information that the creator can learn to further improve in the future movies.

Welcome to the digital age and collaboration.

With this in mind, here are some tips that you can use to boost the branding reach of your company. You may even start a new avenue of getting new talents on board your organisation.

Step 1: Create A Compelling Marketing Series

Create a compelling marketing series that surrounds your company’s core competencies.

For example, if you are a food caterer, you can create a short video of how a school wants to have a large outdoor gathering but has a shoe-string budget with an added requirement that the food has to be vegetarian. The video will then end with the scenario and viewers are encouraged to provide ideas and email their suggestions. The best suggestion will win an attractive prize. You can launch it off YouTube.

Step 2: Choose A Winning Idea

After a short period of time, choose a winning suggestion and invite the writer to come to your HQ (on you company tab) as part of the prize. Get the entire marketing team to be present to show how important is the solution.

Step 3: Direct The Winning Idea

With the permission of the winner, develop the winning solution as another short video and get the winner to act in it! Allow the winner to describe the experience and even give a TED-like online presentation.

This has to be done in a professional way because eventually, these videos can be sold as a teaching aid to schools of higher learning.

Step 4: Continue Evolving A Marketing Series

Immediately create a marketing series with real-life marketing scenarios. But in this case, develop a viral strategy where anybody online can learn to be a marketing strategist. Get your marketing team involved.

Step 5: Choose New Talents

You can also bring your HR into the act by using this series to discover possible new talents to work or intern for your organisation.

Step 6: Create Educational Content

Consider creating the series as a teaching resource and produce a manual that can complement this.

With all these steps, you will be ready to engage a global audience and boost HR-talent strategy.